Portraits not in Portfolio

I’ve graduated from University with a diploma of Psychologist in 2007.

I was always interested in people’s psyche and how we perceive each other in the world and in time in particular. I did not ever work as a psychologist, but I’ve kept my interest for my artistic practices, such as portraiture. I came to the medium of photography and my early photographic works because I felt that I never have enough time to experience a moment of time, place or a moment with a person. With people the problem of not keeping up is even more sensitive for me. Not getting enough from basic friends communication, I used to fall in love often but even that did not give me enough, moreover it was not healthy and I didn’t want to exploit people. I came to think that I can get experience of people which can be continued as much as I need to grasp the moment with them through photography. In my ongoing portrait series I use old digital camera again and accept the glitches it gives.

These two contrary aspects of my practice — possessiveness and sharing control are essential for me.