I was born in USSR

I was born in USSR just before it crashed down. It was a dark time in Russia then — a very young democracy before Putin, people didn’t know how to live, soviet generation struggled, youngsters tried to earn some money, enormous amount of criminal, crazy 90-s it was called. I was a child.

I was the only child, my parents were busy making money, or just didn’t care much, I was raised by grannies. I had a strong, passionate personality, lots of thoughts about everything and no authorities to follow. It was not extremely good, because when you have no authorities and nobody to admire, your mind is narrow, your creativity is blocked. But on the other hand your experience is quite unique.

I still have the same problem: can’t admire others. Except one category of human beings — men, i’m in love with.

Stupid organisation of brain, it made me fall in love many, many, many times, from age of 7-8 onwards, it was the most exciting thing ever.

And yes, of course, it was not a proper Love, it was a substitute, a mistake, a compensation, a product of defective mind. But it was fun.