My portrait work is mostly about collaboration with models – that’s the way I understand reality, art, people and myself. My models can be professional, but very often they are hobbyists, eager amateurs, people who want to become part of my work – and I am always open for experience with new people.

 If you want to become my model, please note

1) Unfortunately, I am not able to pay you, but happy to share all pictures in highest resolution possible
2) Model release to be signed. Your images may be printed, published, exhibited and sold.
3) You don’t need to get naked to work with me! That is unnecessary, though i prefer someone naked, for sure.
4) Naked but anonymous – probably I won’t be interested. Getting naked anonymously in front of camera is sort of sexual practice, delightful  and exciting one, but not very interesting, sorry. 
5) Duos or groups are extremely welcome.
I may ask you to do strange things with each other, but nothing sexual, offensive or disgusting. Crawling, wrestling, Twister game, bending, dancing, jumping, all sorts of movements.
6) Wait, wait. If you want to have sex in front of me – YOU ARE EXTREMELY WELCOME, but remember paragraphs 2 and 4.
7) Shoot lasts 2 hours, location – my home studio by Kings Cross station, London.
8) Please feel free to contact me in whatsapp  +447592143731, or email