Chaos Under Construction

Chaos Under Construction

We tend to order our experience in a manner that’s regular, orderly, and recognizable…But we can also work in the opposite direction.

Chaos Under Construction is a series of double and triple exposure digital photography, capturing how urban environments are experienced. These experiences are active, constantly transforming, and conforming to new inclusions. Multiexposure technique allows the artist to experiment in translating these shifting images into colourful visuals that are equally charged with momentum and velocity. Each photograph is an urban narrative of multiple images imposed into a unified picture. These visual narratives appear like flashes of memories, recollecting and mixing past experiences, devoid of any time-space sensibility.

Instead of confusing the viewer with a frenzied flow of blended objects, images can be received as a common experience. This is how the Gestalt principle works: we tend to order our experience in a manner that’s regular, orderly, and recognizable. This is what allows us to create meaning in a complex and chaotic world.

We can try to see these bits and pieces as a whole.

But we can also work in the opposite direction.


Jacques Derrida, the proponent of Deconstructivism theory, tells us, “Every sign, linguistic or nonlinguistic, spoken or written, as a small or large unity, can be cited, put between quotation marks; thereby it can break with every given context, and engender infinitely new contexts in an absolutely non-saturable fashion. This does not suppose that the mark is valid outside its context, but on the contrary that there are only contexts without any center of absolute anchoring”.


Deconstructing these images into cityscapes, portraits, colorfields, lines and shapes is another way of looking at them. Chaos Under Construction compels the viewer to share a psychedelic experience of decoding these layers of (un)reality and the many adventures they carry for each individual.