Artist uses expressionist principles in portrait photography and art-nudes. Effect is  achieved with lo-fi digital cameras, prisms and color filters.

The space of a big city is like a jazz piece for several instruments: it cannot be divided into separate parts. Each solo can be very special, but it contains the structure of the whole and only when all the voices are connected together make up the only accurate and free sound. Skyscrapers permeated with light, the shadows of old Victorian mansions, the graphics of trees connecting, penetrating each other, dissolving the disturbing shadows of passers-by, make up a special space that exists outside of history and geography. In it, everything happens at the same time — this cancels the story. It does not have clear borders and changes from a slight rotation of the lens — this cancels the geography. Its rhythms affect the senses as directly as music, when from the first bars it becomes clear: the melody will be forgotten after the performance or will remain with you forever.


Scruffy city of my childhood gets poetical multiexposed and colored.


Project about filthy mould devouring beauty and culture.


Small format mixed media works with reference to surrealism, dada and Gerhard Richter.


Glints of disturbing color. The uncertainty of the future multiplied by the traumatic experience of the past is alarming. The color of the fire is reminiscent of apocalyptic scenarios that threaten to destroy humanity. But maybe the disappearance is just a change of life forms? The camera arbitrarily turns familiar landscapes and situations into something that could not be seen before. The color it adds creates a new world that sprouts through the shell of visible reality. 


Colorful multiexposure project about gestalt and deconstruction in the urban environment.